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Co. Martin Häringer | Gardening and landscaping

Martin Häringer has been working for over 25 years for high-quality work in gardening and landscaping.
It is not only guaranteed that the outdoor kitchen will be built perfectly, but also the conversion or renovation of your terrace, roof garden or garden are possible. Also complete re-design, swimming ponds and the implementation of your garden rooms are possible from a single source.



My name is Thorsten Harms and I am now over half-eighty. In normal professional life, I sit rather at the desk, where unfortunately it is not always stress-free and the desire for compensation in your leisure time is obvious. What is better than relaxing with good food? With the barbecue I combine anticipation, coming down from the job and self-acknowledgment. Fitting to the motto low & slow. So I thought to myself, why not bring this glorious thing to other people, even try something new to cook more and more. If you’re passionate about grilling or trying something new, then you’re right with me.



For more than 30 years the German Mr. Wolfgang Schröter has been manufacturing barbecues and grills in Canada. German quality, coupled with the American and Canadians’ barbecue. Products were creates with a perfection which is difficult to reach and can hardly be surpassed. At the same time, at a price that is more than fair.
We are very glad that we have the company Napoleon on board.


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The space wonder for the garden. Garden house design – modern, space-saving and a real eye-catcher – the garden [Q] principle
The modern, innovative garden house has a cabinet-like design and the entire interior can be used individually. There are various floors that you can adjust as you wish. Depending on the design chosen, you can reach the inside of the garden [Q] from two or three sides. The model palette of the garden [Q] is versatile and also offers the suitable garden house for roof terraces or small gardens.


Logo Monolith


The MONOLITH is design. Tradition. different
It combines esthetics and functionality in a skilful way. A garden object that makes the eyes and the palate equally happy. For more than 3000 years, ceramic ovens have been used for cooking, grilling and smoking. From the Japanese known for centuries, the ceramic grill has developed since the 1970s and started its triumphal procession around the world.


Big Green Egg

The egg of Columbus for outdoor gourmets
An allround outdoor cooking appliance. The Big Green Egg is a grill, an oven and a smoking unit in one! Ideal for a health conscious diet without fat.